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How should I prepare for each session?

Before each appointment we advise our clients to either ice the area or use a numbing cream. However we also encourage our clients to consult their PCP about possible allergies before using any numbing creams.

Can I purchase each session individually?

Of course! We understand that each of our clients are different, so we give you the flexibility to complete your tattoo removal in your own time. The cost of each session will depend on the size and color(s) of your tattoo.

Can I partially remove my tattoo for a correction?

Yes. Of course it will vary based on each client, but it should take between 3-6 sessions to lighten a tattoo enough to be covered with something even more amazing!

How long should I wait between sessions?

We ask our clients to wait about 6-8 weeks when scheduling treatments for tattoo removal. This ensures the treated area will have time to heal completely before beginning the cycle once again.

How are tattoo sizes priced?

In order to create a base price, our tattoo removal treatment is priced at $49.00 minimum per square inch. This is roughly the size of a postage stamp. However price will vary based on color(s), skin tone, and size of the tattoo.

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work specifically?

In brief, our Candela Alex TriVantage laser produces short pulses of intense light that pass harmlessly through the top layers of the skin. This light will then be selectively absorbed by the tattoo pigment, which causes the pigment to fragment into smaller pieces. Once the tattoo begins to break down into fragments, the body's immune system will begin to remove the tattoo ink naturally. 

What can I expect to happen after my first session?

After your first session, you can expect the treated area to possibly blister and scab just as it did when you got the tattoo, this is natural and shouldn't last more than a week.

Will my skin be completely clear when my tattoo is removed?

There is no 100% guarantee that your skin will be be completely clear when your treatments are over. This variance is again do to the individual client and their immune system, and the fact that there are 100's of different types of tattoo inks on the market. This means that not every tattoo will be affected the same by our laser.

How many sessions will be required to remove my tattoo?

Depending on the type of ink that was used in the specific client's tattoo will determine the number of sessions that will required. Generally a professional tattoo will require more sessions when compared to amateur tattoos.

How do colors in my tattoo affect my treatment?

When it comes to tattoo colors, the easiest colors to remove are black, blue, green, and red. Unfortunately it becomes much more difficult to remove tattoos with colors such as yellow, orange, purple, pink, and pastel colors.

How much time does each session require?

Depending on the size and color(s) of your tattoo, each session can take anywhere between 10-60 minutes.

Will my Skin Tone affect my overall results?

Skin tone is definitely a factor that can affect overall results, however this is just one of a few factors that could possibly affect your treatment. 

What kind of aftercare can I expect to perform?

We advise all of our clients to keep the treated area clean. We also advise against any scrubbing or application of harsh soaps/lotions over the treated area until it has completely healed. 

How do your clients express their pain level?

When we ask our clients how their treatment felt, they generally describe it as a similar pain to getting the tattoo.

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